Transform Your Multifamily Property: Occupied renovations in in as little as 24 hours

At 1 Above Updates, we understand that a successful multi-family or
hotel property thrives on balancing functionality, aesthetics, and long-term value.
Our comprehensive remodeling services are designed to address your properties’ unique needs. We work around your tenants to improve the quality of your interiors and search for cost-saving solutions while minimizing disruptions.

Multifamily Renovations

Upgrading Your Property, One Unit At a Time

Explore our hotel renovations and multi-family renovation services:

Water Saving Updates

Conserve resources and reduce operating costs with water-saving solutions for your:

& Toilets
& Leak detection
& Faucets
& Shower Heads

Tech Upgrades

When you take advantage of our camera,wi-fi, Video Intercom Systems, Smart Locks, Access Control Systems, Lighting, and Thermostats, , you get the most up-to-date tech solutions for your property.

Electrical Updates

Take your ceiling lights and fans, vanity lights, wall sconces, bathroom fans, and thermostats into the 21st Century with electric updates brought to you by our skilled team. We maximize every fixture in your property for cost savings.

Cosmetic Upgrades

Enhance the visual appeal of your property’s interiors with industry-leading finishing and updates. We offer top-to-bottom cosmetic upgrades, from installing modern blinds to refacing your kitchen in 1 day or less in occupied units. Our cosmetic upgrades also include:

& Cabinetry Refacing
& Vent Covers
& Counter Tops
& Flooring
& Backsplashes
& Bath Hardware
& Light Fixtures
& Door Handles
Before and After Multifamily Renovation by 1 Above Updates

Appliance Updates

Turn your multi-family unit into an attractive, luxurious space
with appliance upgrades, including refrigerators, dishwashers, ovens and stoves, oven hoods, microwaves, washing machines and dryers, and more.

Safety Updates

Don’t leave your property’s safety up to chance. We’ll upgrade your safety features by installing fire stoppers, upgrading exterior lighting, adding smoke and fire alarms and shut-off valves. With help from our pro team, make your property ready for anything.

The 1 Above Updates


Don’t try to navigate the complex nature of multi-family and hotel renovations alone. Hire experts to take maintenance and renovations off your plate.


We’ve tackled virtually every kind of interior renovation and remodeling project you can think of and have a variety of fully satisfied customers who recommend us.


We’re the crew to hire if you want turnkey solutions from planning to completion, handled by licensed professionals.

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