Professional Property Renovations

For over 15 years our focus has remained the same: to minimize disruptions while providing comprehensive renovation solutions for our clients. Delivering specialized transformations in fully occupied multiple units, addressing every aspect from top to bottom of your property, including refreshing kitchen cabinets, replacing flooring and offering water-saving packages plus much more within just one day, is what separates our business.

Our Areas of Expertise

When 1 Above Updates takes over a project, our experienced team deliver reliable services you can trust. Whether you need assistance renovating
a multifamily property or a luxury hotel, you can trust our team to provide the updates you want.

We work on virtually all multifamily and hotel projects, including:


Interior & exterior renovations


Interior & exterior renovations


Energy-saving updates


Plumbing upgrades


Technology & Security updates

Multifamily Renovations

Multifamily properties are where your residents go to relax and live their lives. Upgrading the interior of these properties requires professionalism
and expertise. Our team creates spaces that ensure every resident at your property feels at home. Our quality construction and renovation services minimize downtime and disruptions for you and your residents and ensure complete satisfaction for everyone.

At 1 Above Updates, we prioritize safety with added solutions and deliver industry-leading craftsmanship, transforming your property into a safe and
desirable living space. Our extensive service list and our long-standing history of quality work keep our customers coming back.

The 1 Above Difference

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Minimal Disruptions

Minimized disruptions during renovations reduce the time lost to forced vacancies. We’ll keep your residents happy while we handle your multifamily renovations through our methodical and efficient approach to renovations.

Speed & Efficiency

We prioritize quick turnaround times and streamlined processes. Our solutions address the problem so you can run your business. If your property needs an update, we are the right choice.

Comprehensive Renovations

We offer a variety of renovations and remodeling services, ranging from plumbing updates to new and improved safety feature integrations. You can trust us for comprehensive renovations.

Cost Savings

Our mission is to help you save time and money on renovations and repairs. If you take care of issues today, they’ll cost less. Get a risk-free estimate for your renovations to see how much you can save.

Customer Focus

We prioritize customer and tenant satisfaction through clear communication, accountability, and innovative solutions. Keeping you, your guests, and your tenants happy is our focus.

Sustainable Solutions

If your property needs upgrades to maximize sustainability, we can help there, too. Our team is dedicated to upgrading your property to the highest possible eco-friendly standards. Ask us about our sustainable services to learn more.

Why Building Owners
Choose Us

We have over 15 years of experience in construction and renovations. Our clients can expect the following benefits when they work with our experienced team.


To Attract & Retain Tenants with Upgraded Finishes


Boost Efficiency with Electrical Solutions


Water Savings Updates


Prioritize Guest & Tenant Safety


Upgrade Property Tech

Ready to Upgrade Your Property?

Contact us today to schedule a free estimate for your building renovations. Let us help you create a beautiful, functional, and cost-effective space.